I definitely need a Helmet!

My name is Mike. I have always wanted to ride my bike across the USA. So finally, I’m doing it! Sort of Forrest Gump style.

I will post photos and a journal of the experience as it unfolds. It may take a few days or so between updates depending where I am, battery status, and internet availability… You can follow my progress here under the “posts” pages. I’ve never done a ride longer than a few hundred miles over 3-4 days, so this is new to me. The plan is to take my time and experience every day and place without rushing… I am hoping to Start on or about June 1, 2022. We will be traveling to Portland via Amtrak, and then driving to Astoria OR, where the trek will begin. Ending point will be in Yorktown, VA. I will be riding on a gravel touring bike, sort of a modern take on the “classic” touring bike (check out gear and bike blogposts for more details)… It was built for me by Brian of Hubbub Bicycles. artispin.w


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